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Big Garden Birdwatch 2018

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Are you taking part in the Big Garden Birdwatch this year. It takes place from 27-29th Jan in your very own garden or even the local park. The RSPB ask that during these dates we monitor all birds that you see for an hour in your chosen space. Make a cup of tea, pick a comfy chair, turn off your phone, unless its to take photos and record the birds that you see for that specified hour, and hopefully you will have an enjoyable hour watching .They have asked that you record the maximum number of species that you see within that hour so for example if you see two blue tits then see two more - they may be the same ones so please record that you have seen two blue tits. They have then asked that you record your sightings on their website after your hour. This can be found at  This enables the RSPB to record your sightings and hey presto you have taken part in the largest garden wildlife survey. Good luck and enjoy your hour. We have found that it sometimes helps to have a birdwatching book to hand to identify species (this can avoid arguments later!),

Obviously your bird watching hour would be very busy if you already attract lots of species to your garden already, but don't worry, you can still take part and we can help. Birdwatching isn't just during the Big Garden Birdwatch, most of our customers feed and enjoy watching birdlife all year round. Our website has lots of different bird foods available and the same lines are stocked in our shop too, so if you live locally you can call into our shop and look at our many types of bird foods, made here on our farm, plus peanuts, sunflower hearts, fat balls and much much more, including feeders, suet blocks, plus hen foods & pigeon corns so you will realise that we really are a one stop bird food shop!

If you are taking part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch for the first time or have participated before, hopefully you will enjoy looking at the species that visit your garden feeders and tables and enjpy recording them to help in the survey. Happy Birdwatching wherever you are.

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