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Are Pigeons the best, or just a bird table pest?

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Do you have pigeons in your life? I think we all do, love them or loathe them we usually see them on a regular basis, either in the park, at your bird table, or maybe you are a fancy pigeon enthusiast or keep racing pigeons.

We sell many types of pigeon corns, for the ones on your bird table, in the park or the amazing racing pigeons that are kept like thoroughbred horses ,fed on the best and treated like royalty. Until I joined Chris in the company I had no idea of the technicalities of feeding & looking after racing pigeons ( I still have much to learn), and the lengths the owners go to keep these birds in peak condition with training flights, feeding & worming programmes & even selecting when they breed(and who with!)

The pigeons we are talking about can change hands for tens of thousands of pounds , eggs can be sold for large amounts too so it really is a game of chance & when you send your valuable pigeon away to race it has to deal with so many hazards on the way home it’s a wonder so many arrive back at all. They fly home from hundreds of miles away and can encounter storms which can disorientate their navigational skills, people shoot them as vermin (yes it has happened), sparrow hawks see them as their next meal , and those are just a few of the issues they can encounter on their way home.

When they return home, the next challenge is to get them back in the loft and get their ring off and log it as quickly as possible so they will be recognised as the winner. Its most technical and is all computerised these days, but the ring still needs to be removed from the bird’s leg. We manufacture a corn called “Trapping” or “Pigeon Dessert” which is several small seeds that pigeons love and are coated in aniseed oil (They love it and can smell it from quite a distance). The pigeons really enjoy their high energy treat and get it when they return so they are “trapped”, and the ring can be taken off and logged with hopefully good results.

This time of year, is the pigeon breeding season so we are in full swing selling our top mixes to keep the pigeons in peak health, then we will be on to the junior mixes to give the young ones a good start. Next we move on to the training and racing mixes and after the racing we move on to the resting and maintenance mixes. Its all go in the Pigeon world and we manufacture and supply feeds and extras like grit, supplements and nest pans, plus mixes we even import from Belgium for pigeon enthusiasts.

We do also sell mixes if you just want to feed the pigeons in the park or in your garden if you have pretty white fantails which I kept as a child, If only I’d known then that I’d still have pigeons in my life.


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