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Laverock Breed & Wean Pigeon Food 20Kg
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This mix is exactly what it says on the tin, great for breeding and weaning young pigeons, but. we also know of lots of pigeon fanciers who use this as an all year round feed for tumblers or high rollers too. It gives great condition to these pigeons and we have had some excellent feedback from fancy pigeon keepers, not just from those wishing to use this exclusively for racing pigeons.
There are similarities with this mix and the Super Junior mix as they both contain a high percentage of maple peas and some popcorn maize along with smaller seeds to bring the young birds on.
Mix contains: Maple Peas, Safflower, Red & White Dari, Tares, Groats, Popcorn Maize, and home grown Wheat.

Bag size 20kg

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